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Retreat Chef 

There's nothing more rewarding than combining my skills as a nutritional therapist and chef.
Creating and preparing menus for Wellness treats allows me to meet like-minded souls and collaborate with passionate practitioners a
nd teachers.

‘What a winner winner all round.  The food was fab, the presentation excellent. She was faultless.  Mature, discreet, completely on the same page. She was charming with the Team, the Clients and we all loved her.’’

Private Chef

Having cooked all over the world, utilising my classic French culinary training, learning new cookery techniques  and working with different ingredients whilst keeping my finger on the pulse of the latest food trends, allows me to offer bespoke dining experiences.

‘‘Thank you indeed for everything.  You were a great boon. Good to have around, elegant, supportive, and your cooking so talented.’’



Nutrition is more than ‘energy in’ versus ‘energy out’. The main units of food are carbohydrates (fuel), protein (building blocks), fat (protection and insulation). Eating too much or too little of these then the body starts to, and can irreparably, struggle. Logical stuff - right?

There’s actually quite a bit more to it. 

In need of nutritional guidance? Whether you're a business or an individual seeking advice, get in touch. 

‘‘Thank you so much for today! It was absolutely amazing - the level of knowledge you have combining food, dietary and medical understanding was mind blowing.”


Recipe Writer

Specialising in the Health, Fitness, Beauty and Food Industry I curate visual and written food, nutrition and cookery content to keep your brand on point.

“Thank you so much. It far exceeds anything I expected. Well written, super clear and makes total sense.”

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